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When the whole world screeched to a halt in 2020, things turned out quite differently than most of us thought. Confining us to the walls of our homes, the pandemic did have its upsides and downsides. But for adventure lovers and travel enthusiasts, both 2020 and 2021 were more of a whirlwind. It made them do what they hated the most: staying indoors for a prolonged period.

However, just a few months ago, when the world opened up again, there was an exodus to different tourist places and adventurous spots. People were desperate to be free again. From spending time in nature to climbing mountains to strolling down the beach, people swarmed everywhere.

And to spice things up, people resorted to staying in the open settings and enjoying bonfires and camping. This skyrocketed the sales of camping tents.

In this article, we have listed the 6 different types of tents that you could try on your next camping trip.


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The dome design tent is used most prominently. If you go camping alone, you can easily carry this tent on your shoulder for camping at sea, on the shores of a lake, or in the mountains. Even if you go group camping, the design of the dome tent will be a perfect fit as it can accommodate a total of 6 people. The tent is designed in such a way that the floor is waterproof and there is enough ventilation inside. With two poles which lay in cross or horizontal directions along the middle, the corners of the tent are fixed to the ground. Moreover, what makes it easier to carry is its lightweight design.


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Frame tents are simple yet very popular among travellers. When the tent is opened, it looks a lot like the English letter ‘A’, because of which, it is known as an ‘A-frame tent. Made from a combination of canvas with metal and wooden poles, these tents use a lot of light materials so that they can be easily carried from one place to another. Unlike most tents, these “A-frame tents” are easy to set up and are quite stable. But when packed, these tents look a bit thicker and heavy as compared to other tents.


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Multi-room tents are mostly preferred by people travelling in large groups. These spacious tents are quite unique from traditional tent designs. They look like a small house and provide enough space and therefore, provide privacy to the tenants. This could be your go-to option if you are planning camping with your family or friends. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the tent weighs a little more and it is huge.


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Let’s say you feel like going camping on a whim. You want to rush to a great place near the mountains or rivers and want to camp in a tent that you can carry easily. In that case, Pop-up tents are the best option since these types of tents are lightweight and provide ample space. While they don’t survive the harsh winds, they are, of course, a great option for camping in the summer or light rain.


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You can try the Teepee tent if you want a tent with a high ceiling. These types of tents are made of cotton canvas which is tied to ropes around and supported by a single pole erected in the centre. They don’t come with a flooring system and relatively weigh more.


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As the name suggests, these tents easily fit in a backpack because of their featherweight. Even when it comes to saving you travel time, these tents work best as with only a few poles, these tents can be made much smaller by folding. But unlike “A-frame tents” and “multi-room tents,” space inside is less since the ceiling of this tent is very short. That said, if you are a solo traveller, this could be your perfect fit.

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