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Dutarp PVC Curtain Strip are strong and durable and can be used for many applications
1) Food Industry
2) Cold Stores
3) Warehouse

Hook on System

A) Stainless Steel Hanger 1020mm   1Pcs
B) Stainless Steel Plate 200mm         5Pcs
C) Stainless Steel Plate 300mm         4Pcs

Standard Smooth PVC strip is also known as clear, regular, and conventional strip.
Good for indoor and outdoor applications where temperatures range from 0°C to +60°C.
Standard Size:
200mm x 50m x 2mm Thick (Plain)
200mm x 50m x 2mm Thick (Ribbed)
300mm x 50m x 3mm Thick (Plain)

PVC Welding Screen is specially formulated to filter hazardous ultraviolet rays found in welding applications.
It includes special ingredients for added flame resistance. It is designed for use in temperatures between 0°C to +60°C. from 0°C to +60°C.
Standard Size:
1.8m x 50m x 0.40mm Thick

Tested As DIN EN 1598
color:Red , Dark Green

PVC Curtain Strips Suppliers in Dubai


PVC Curtain Strips Suppliers in Dubai


When you visit a huge office or a supermarket, you might wonder how they manage to keep the large area cool all the time while your AC simply refuses to cool down your small rooms quickly during scorching summer days. The scenario of the cold regions is also the same.

Luckily, it’s not the fault of your AC or heating machinery. It’s the magic of PVC curtain strips; installed at the doorways and windows of those shopping malls or workplaces.

The traditional doors can’t prevent hot air from entering and cold air from escaping from the AC-installed room or vice-versa for extreme cold weather. The windows and doorways curtain strip efficiently do that. And that’s why you could feel the cool air of the air conditioners inside the large places.

Our PVC strip curtains are an excellent solution for anyone who has issues with climate control, debris from one working area to another, and insects and noise problems. We manufacture PVC curtain strips for both indoor and outdoor use.

Types of PVC Curtain Strips we offer

● Warehouse Curtain Strip –

The Warehouse curtain strips are mainly designed for large areas that you can use in your office place, factories, or warehouse. The curtains are clear enough for safety and durable enough for long-lasting use.

● Air condition Curtain Strip –

We manufacture air condition curtain strips in various sizes for windows, doorways, and some particular zones. The curtain materials completely lock the cool air inside plus keep indoors cool and save electricity in the long run.

● Window Curtain Strip –

These strips are specifically designed for windows with water-proof materials. They keep indoors warm or cool, prevent rain, keep pests, insects, and dust out and reduce noise and energy loss.

Why choose our PVC curtain strips?


PVC Curtain Strips Suppliers in Dubai


● First and foremost, the curtains save electricity in the long run by preventing heat or cold leakage.

● Our curtains will not only control the temperature of your workspace or warehouse, but they also benefit your business in several ways; work efficiently for the prosperity of your employees and overall budget.

● Our PVC warehouse curtain strips improve safety measures inside large areas. When you separate a large area into various divisions with such a transparent barrier, the supervisor employees and other factory workers will be able to keep an eye on what is happening in the surrounding areas. So, they could take action quickly if any unwanted incident or accident takes place.

Thus, our curtain strips help workers and employees to be more productive, cut down electricity costs, and make your business profitable in every possible way.

● Above all, we use eco-friendly, healthy, and durable material only with a superior temperature resistance power.

● We manufacture curtains using materials of different widths, thicknesses, and sizes to meet individual necessities.

● Moreover, the window curtain strips effectively limit the entry of insects, dust, and road pollutants. The PVC strip shades prevent the air impurities, like dust, grime, and smoke from entering your rooms or a specific space.

● We have already demonstrated that our PVC material drape reduces up to 17 decibels of noise. Generally, we use this material for manufacturing window curtains. You could consider installing such noise-resistant curtain strips in your commercial space or factory offices to enhance productivity.

● Fixing curtain strips is super easy and doesn’t even require any tool for installation.

● Our strips require minimal maintenance, as well.

● Like other products, we also ensure the fastest delivery of the highest quality Curtain Strips at the lowest possible prices.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve the productivity of your business and save some money at the same time, you need to consider installing PVC curtain strips in your factories, warehouses, and office places.

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