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Umbrella Suppliers in Dubai


Umbrella Suppliers in Dubai


If you’re a regular beachgoer, you may know the struggle of those days when the typical beach umbrellas simply refuse to stand. No matter how much you dig, twist, and turn the umbrella, if your luck isn’t with you, your umbrella could be blown away by the strong coastal wind.

It was supposed to be a fun-filled day, but you may end up chasing your stuff and a blown-away umbrella across the beach due to the unpredictable breeze. Don’t take a fight with the umbrellas; just replace them with something better—which is exclusively designed for the beaches.

A good-quality beach umbrella has maximum wind and sunlight resistance power. Sun burning is another frustrating issue for beach lovers. From premature aging to skin cancer, direct sun exposure could cause such dangerous health hazards, so don’t you dare take the challenge of spending a day on the beach without an umbrella.

The best option is one that has a sturdy and durable construction, is easy to carry and set, could hold up the wind, and the shade creates a cool environment under the umbrella even in hot weather.

Beach Umbrellas at the best price


Umbrella Suppliers in Dubai


Beach seating is not like pull-side dating. If you’ve planned your holiday outing in a coastal area, you’ll need a heavy-duty beach umbrella, as we offer.

We offer different color umbrellas with some unique features. Have a close look at these beach umbrellas –

Beach Parasol – A medium-sized stable umbrella with a solid water-filled base that never blows away, not even against the strong wind. 

Beach Parasol Sunminium Round – This outdoor umbrella has a solid 50KG concrete-filled base; much more convenient than the previous option. The best part of this umbrella is that it comes with a functional table, where you can keep the juice glass or foods or handy items.

Beach Parasol Sunminium Square – It is the most functional and easy fixing umbrella, which comes equipped with an 80 KG weight solid base, a 50 cm functional table including 4-glass holders, and a dedicated compartment for popcorn or water bottle or something wider than juice glass. 

They are primarily designed for beach outings with 100% UVA and UVB ray coverage, rain protection, and a special tilt function. The umbrellas are multipurpose and portable enough so you can use them in almost all outdoor settings.

The solid sand anchor, sturdy and smooth folding ribs, and tilt-functioned tube with simple settings and twist not only make the umbrellas practical for beach use, but they also provide the elegance and privacy; you want for any outdoor seating arrangements.

The three options are slightly different from each other, but all are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Have a close look at each type to get the best umbrellas at the best prices.

Aside from the beach umbrellas, we also manufacture some umbrellas for personal use, like – Site supervisor umbrella, Cantilever umbrella, etc.

Site supervisor umbrella – If you often visit the construction site to monitor the progress of construction projects and evaluate employee performance, nothing could be better than the Bin Dhahi site supervisor umbrellas for personal use.

Cantilever umbrella – It’s a large umbrella; designed to provide up to 100 square feet of shade on the garden and terrace. The Cantilever umbrellas will allow you to tilt, rotate and swing the shade according to sun movement for 360-degree sun protection.

Why choose us?

Bin Dhahi Trading LLC became one of the top umbrella suppliers, in Dubai by offering the highest quality and fastest delivery at the lowest possible price.

We offer colorful umbrellas with a wide range of styles and colors for both commercial and residential uses. We use lightweight water and UV sunlight-proof PVC and canvas material in those umbrellas that give you the best protection from rain and heat.

The architectural design of the umbrellas will withstand the unpredictable coastal breeze, even with storms. We have customization facilities, so if you want, we will manufacture your commercial umbrellas according to your requirements, specifications, and architectural and external design. Follow us on social media or buzz a call to get the best deal.