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If you’ve ever visited a retail store, a manufacturing facility, or a warehouse, you’ve likely seen or interacted with a PVC strip door curtain. PVC strip curtains are a great solution for those who face the challenge of climate control, the transfer of garbage from one working area to another, insects, and noise.

Types of PVC curtain strips

You can choose from a large variety of PVC curtain strips in Dubai, each one serving a different purpose. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Warehouse curtain strip: Warehouse curtain strips are ideal for covering huge windows in a warehouse, office, or factory. These curtains are transparent enough to ensure safety, and sturdy enough to survive for years.
  • Air condition curtain strip: For windows, doors, and other openings, air conditioning curtain strips are available in a range of widths and lengths. The curtain material not only completely seals the cold air inside, but also keeps inside cool and conserves electricity in the long run.
  • Window curtain strip: These strips are made for watertight windows alone. They control the temperature inside, keep the rain, bugs, and dust out, and lower energy costs.

PVC Curtain Strips Dubai

Benefits of PVC curtain strips

PVC curtain strips in Dubai are an excellent alternative to regular curtains or permanent doors, especially in working places, due to their many advantages:

  • They are transparent, so it is easy to observe what is happening on the other end of the door.
  • They are flexible, which makes the transportation of goods across the doorway very easy. You do not need an extra pair of hands for opening or close the door. Even large machinery can travel through doorways without any difficulty.
  • They also reduce the probability of workplace accidents. They are fully transparent, making it easy to observe who or what is entering or exiting on the opposite side.
  • They provide temperature control. Not only that, but they also keep dust, dirt, and insects away from the workplace without causing any hindrances in the movement of the workforce. Unlike glass, which is both fragile and heavy, PVC curtain strips have no such drawbacks, making them an excellent choice for partitioning off sections of a worksite.
  • They are low maintenance. It is very easy to keep the PVC curtain strips clean, you just need some mild dishwashing soap, warm water, and a bit of hard work.

PVC Curtain Strips Dubai

Are they recyclable?

The major concern around the use of PVC curtain strips in Dubai is the fact that they can be harmful to the environment. But if you follow the right procedure to dispose of your old PVC curtains, you do not need to worry about that.

Given that they are comprised of plastic, they cannot decompose in the environment, but they can be easily recycled. By recycling your old PVC curtains, you will be helping the environment while also reducing wastage.

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