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PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin
PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin
PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin
PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin
PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin


• UV Resistance
• Light Weight, High Tensile Strength
• Glossy & Matt Surface

• Tarpaulins

PAF-12 PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Tarpaulin Suppliers in Dubai

Looking for the best and most durable PVC tarpaulin covers? No worries, we have got you covered!


PVC Tarpaulin Suppliers in Dubai


PVC Tarpaulins are used on an extensive scale in the world to safeguard from different man-made and natural agents. It acts as a temporary shelter for various things and purposes too. Tarpaulins are also used to protect things from chemicals and at times, used for collecting waste and storing water.

That said, there are different types of PVC tarpaulins used for different purposes. Some of them are:

Truck Tarpaulin: These are thick and heavy-coated tarpaulins designed specifically for covering trucks during travel. For trucks that need to travel long distances, these tarpaulins are the most suitable as they help carry things safely and conveniently to the destined location. To make such truck tarps, heavy polyethylene and rubber materials are used.

Mesh Tarpaulin: These types of tarpaulins are made of nylon and are better suited for purposes that require tarps to pass through water or air. Mesh tarps are used in the construction of the shadow screen tents since it covers and limits the air that hits the bedsheet.

Lumbar Tarpaulin: These types of tarps are not very widely known, yet they have a wide variety of applications. On being coated with liquid anti-UV layers, these tarpaulins help to keep the logs dry and away from harmful rays of the sun.
Canvas Tarpaulin:
Canvas tarpaulins are woven and created using natural or synthetic fibres. These tarps are one of the oldest types of sails used for various purposes for many centuries. Its durability and strength allow it to withstand fierce winds, sun, and heavy rains. Moreover, canvas tarps are the most preferred tarps of all for artists and people from the trucking industry.

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PVC Tarpaulin Suppliers in Dubai


Bindhahi offers a wide range of fine tarpaulins which come in different colours and sizes. These tarpaulins last long and are also less expensive compared to other tarpaulins available on the market. Yet, these tarpaulins never compromise on quality.

If you are confused as to what kind of tarpaulins you should use, you can consult our expert team who will guide you on the type of tarpaulins that would fit your needs like waterproof tarpaulins, fire retardant tarpaulins, PE tarpaulins, UV resistant tarpaulins, etc.

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