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COMPLET PRO – 350 By and for professionals

Complete-Pro 350
Complete-Pro 350

The Complet Pro-350 support system combines all of the qualities most valued by professionals. Designed by and for professionals, Complet Pro-350 incorporates the latest in practical and advanced features to make installation fast and safe. Its dual-adjustment system means you can make sure the arm is parallel by easily accessing the internal tightening stud under the cap. The unit’s inclination can be set from 0-85º thanks to its reliable and accurate double-pivot system.
Its 100% metal structure gives it uniform colour and an elegant look. This unique feature also makes it exceptionally sturdy, extending 6 meters width without the need for intermediate supports, with projection of up to 3.50 m.
The roller assembly is easy to install thanks to the lateral cassette system that supports it while the final
attachments are made. Its compactness and sleek look make it perfect for front, ceiling or between-wall installation on terraces or balconies.

·Safe and reliable arm alignment and unit inclination dual-adjustment system
·Retention system to prevent screws and bolts from falling out during installation
·Cassette system with self-supporting roller assembly to ensure comfortable, safe and
uninterrupted installation
·Functional compact linear design that adapts to any style of facade
·Balanced look, 100% metal without plastic elements to interfere with uniformity of colour.

Tensioning system
The Complet Pro-350 support system is compatible with two arms

Ideal for installation on:

Complete-Pro 350

ART 350: Features internal ART tensioning
system, comprised of a flat and flexible
belt to improve transmission and increase

Complete-Pro 350

ONYX – ONYX LUX: Belt transmission
system for a perfect balance of strength,
durability and flexibility. Designed to
ensure that the fabric never rubs against
the arm’s elbow joints. The LUX features a
slot with a diffuser for LED lighting.

Complete-Pro 350

SPLENDOR 400: Optimal tension thanks
to its self-adjusting system with ball
bearings in the elbow joint. Total concealment
of the transmission system gives it a
compact, elegant and sleek look.

Complete-Pro 350


Complete-Pro 350


Technical specifications

Complete-Pro 350
Complete-Pro 350
Complete-Pro 350
Complete-Pro 350


  • Front
  • Ceiling
  • Between walls





Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standars Stainless steel screws and bolts

Complete-Pro 350

Galaxia weather cover

Complete-Pro 350


Complete-Pro 350

Crossed arm kit

Complete-Pro 350
Complete-Pro 350