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Simplicity for large areas

This is an awning from the invisible arm range
featuring the Monobloc system, a self-bearing
square bar which enables the awning to cover large
areas simply and effectively.

Ideal for installation
• On terraces
• In large areas

Art Monobloc 350
Art Monobloc 350

• Galaxia weather cover
• ART Crossed Arms Kit
• Sombrex System

Art Monobloc 350


• Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standards
• Stainless steel screws and bolts

Art Monobloc 350


• Manual
• Motorised
• Automated

Art Monobloc 350

Tension transmission system
This awning works with ART 350 ARMS which feature the internal ART SYSTEM tension transmission system with flat, flexible tape to improve tension transmission and extend the lifespan of the system.


• Compact support elements improving the overall aesthetic of the awning.
• Easy application of the Monobloc system allows for simple installation of the awning mechanism on the 40×40 square bar.
• Incredible dimensions: with only one set of arms, the awning reaches a width of 5.50 m and a projection of 3.5 m. Additional arms can be added to extend the length of the awning as desired.

Art Monobloc 350
Art Monobloc 350