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What is a Fire Blanket?

Flame blankets are non-flammable materials used to extinguish flames by reducing the quantity of oxygen in the air. These safety devices can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (482 degrees Celsius). Fire blankets are a wonderful method for preventing catastrophic accidents at home and work. These blankets and fire extinguishers should be easily accessible in your house and place of business.

Additionally, fire blankets reduce burns during the evacuation of persons trapped in a structure. Fire blankets are comprised of a heat-resistant material that prevents oxygen from entering the surrounding air of the person covered in it. Consequently, small flames are less likely to spread. Therefore, it is essential to know how to use fire blankets so that you can use them appropriately and at the right time.

Extinguishing a Fire

Typically, fire blankets are stored in compact bags with white tabs that must be pushed down to release the blanket in an emergency. To shield your hands from fire, roll the blanket’s corners. Then, place the blanket over the fire with care. Otherwise, the flames can rise over the blanket, aggravating the situation.

If an oven or stove burner is the cause of the fire, immediately turn it off. Smoke will escape if the blanket can extinguish the fire. Don’t be worried if these flames look to be the result of a blanket on fire

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Flammable Grease in the Kitchen

If you run a restaurant or food outlet, you must have a food blanket at work. Some blankets are created specifically for cooking fires. Typically, wool blankets are used to extinguish kitchen or grease fires. Ensure that you have additional fire blankets in the situation of a grease or kitchen fire.

Additionally, ensure that the fire blanket is maintained in an easily accessible area in the event of a grease fire on the stove. Be cautious not to set the fire blanket over a stove or an indoor grill. Whether in the home or the business, kitchen fires are frequent and can cause significant damage.

Indoor and Electrical Fires

Inadequate wiring or overheated cables can result in electrical fires. Sometimes, frayed cables or cords from old heaters can also cause fires. Electrical and household fires can be extinguished with woolen fire blankets.

You cannot immediately use a fire extinguisher if you do not know how to use it. Even though there are guidelines to follow while using a fire blanket, it is much simpler to use one when everyone is panicking.

Consequently, in an emergency, a fire blanket is far superior to a fire extinguisher. To extinguish small house fires, spread the wool blanket over them. If you want to use a fire blanket to cover the whole room, you should get a sufficiently big one.

The Workplace and Industry

Fire safety precautions in the workplace include the availability of fire extinguishers but storing a fire blanket is a bonus. The most effective method for extinguishing flames is to use fire blankets.

In industries and labs, heat-resistant fabrics, such as fiberglass, are advantageous for extinguishing flames. Large, heavy-duty blankets are optimal for extinguishing fires in industrial and chemical plants.

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Extinguishing a Clothing Fire

Wrap a fire blanket across an individual whose clothing is burning. Use the blanket’s edges once to shield your hands from being burnt. They are entirely covered by the blanket when they are rolled up in it. Have the individual stop completely, then drop and roll.

It is a tried-and-true method for putting out a person’s fire.

Obtain medical care if required. Burns caused by fire should be evaluated as soon as possible by a medical professional.

How to Maintain Your Fire Blanket

Ensure that the fire blanket is kept in a readily accessible, quick-release container. You should ensure that you have immediate access to a fire blanket in case of an emergency. Keep it in an accessible position from which you can easily retrieve it.

Since most home fires begin in the kitchen, fire blankets should be maintained there. The quicker you can locate and use a fire blanket, the higher your chances of extinguishing the fire.

After utilizing a fire blanket, it must be properly discarded. Reusable fire blankets should not be available. If a fire blanket has once been used to extinguish a fire, it is dangerous to use it again.

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