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Awnings are great business investments as having them can benefit both your company and your consumers. Awnings fixed near your establishments’ front doors, windows, or whole patio covers, attracts more customers, and also boost sales.

However, this isn’t to say that all types of commercial awnings are suitable for your needs. Therefore, you need to consider several factors when choosing one. In this article, we will share a few aspects to help you get started:

Awning Shade Dubai


Choosing the right awning requires you to clearly define the primary purpose and function of the awning. Usually, it can be used for shade, as a covered space to sell your products or to even extend your storefront. And that’s why it’s always recommended to consult with a commercial awning provider who can assist you in finding the right product. It’s also a safe bet to make sure that it will comply with local laws, regardless of its purpose.


Colors have different meanings for different people. For instance, many toy businesses and fast-food restaurants love to use orange because it emits a warm, joyful hue that entices children. Likewise, pink is a color that portrays affection and caring, and because of this, spas and other beauty and cosmetic companies use them to appeal to their target audience. It’s also important to note that choosing the correct color of your awning helps you distinguish and improve your business and at the same time, attracts more consumers.

Apart from the color, choosing the right logos, designs, and other aspects that brand your business are also very critical to your business.


When purchasing an awning for your business, you have three options for choosing material: polyester composite and vinyl, cotton blend canvas, and acrylic fabric. The type of material you choose for your awning can have a huge impact on how much heat your awnings can contain and consequently, how effectively they work. Therefore, make sure you pick the right awning material to suit your purpose.


As mentioned earlier, awning styles are determined by the architecture of the building and its primary purpose. If you are conscious that your awnings match the rest of your structure well, then the style aspect is crucial. You can play with several styles, such as waterfall, semi-circular, or dome-style awnings, and choose what suits you the best. Moreover, one must also consider the size of the items he/she wishes to cover, along with the amount of space that is available.


The installation angle of your outdoor awning often impacts its efficacy in the future. Because of this, as most installers recommend, awnings should be at least 65 percent to 75 percent of the size of windows facing east or west.

Retractable or Fixed

Again, even this factor varies from business to business. And it’s entirely up to a business to decide whether or not they would require a retractable or fixed awning. Sure, both types can protect your customers and furniture from the sun and other agents. However, the only difference is that a retractable awning may be extended and retracted as needed, while a fixed awning remains in place all year.


Awning Shade Dubai

Shade covers are a critical component of your building design. Cafes and restaurants, for instance, have for long benefited from the use of awnings. That said, adding new elements to a commercial property’s outdoor space will help the company drive more business.

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