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Achieve excellent painting results – with the new fine spray systems from Bosch.

Simply faster: With the new fine spray systems from Bosch you finish your work three times faster than with a paintbrush – and the result is better. At the same time, you also save on paint: about 15% less paint is consumed when spraying.

Simply fantastic: You can set the spray jet as required for vertical, horizontal or pencil jet spraying. And you do not need to mask large areas because little paint mist is produced.

Simply better: Paint is applied evenly and cleanly thanks to the ingenious SprayControl Technology from Bosch. So you always achieve perfect results.

Simply clean: The fine spray systems can be cleaned easily after use – in just a few moves. It’s as easy as can be!

The new fine spray systems from Bosch are available in three versions: as a practical, handy spray gun, as a medium-sized tool that can be carried, and as a free-standing model that can complete larger jobs with ease. The spray system provides a suitable solution for every project. Here are the three tools that will enable you to achieve a perfect result with ease:

 Fine spray system - PFS 55

Perfect paint application, easy to apply with one hand – the PFS 55 from Bosch. This tool gives you complete control over the intensity of the paint application and the shape of the spray jet – and the PFS 55 is light, weighing only 1.3 kg. SprayControl Technology ensures perfect painting from the very beginning. The PFS 55 can be put down conveniently and safely during work breaks. And when the work is finished, cleaning the tool is child’s play thanks to SDS: click, clack – and that’s it!

Power input 280 W
Delivery volume
0 – 110 g/min
Atomisation energy
55 W
Paint application
5 m² in 12 min
Container volume 600 ml
Machine weight 1.3 kg
 Fine spray system - PFS 65

Easy to use and strong in performance. Due to the powerful turbine in the PFS 65, you can even paint larger surfaces with ease in just a few minutes. Its 1.8 m long hose enables you to be extremely flexible when painting. This also applies to working in awkward corners, over large distances and even overhead. And thanks to its practical shoulder strap, the tool not only provides excellent performance and perfect results, it is also convenient to carry. This makes it an extremely practical spraying tool.

Power input 280 W
Max. pumping capacity
0–130 g/min
Atomisation energy
65 W
Paint application
5 m² in 10 min
Tank volume 600 ml
Machine weight 2.8 kg
Hose length 1.8 mg
 Fine spray system - PFS 105 E

This large spray system from Bosch can complete even the biggest jobs with ease. Even large surfaces are painted in no time thanks to its particularly powerful turbine. The 800 ml paint tank saves you having to replace the paint frequently. Paint is easily applied in any corner thanks to its 3.4 m long hose. And this powerful Bosch tool with its large wheels follows you wherever you need to apply paint perfectly. This big tool is a big help!

Power input 350 W
Max. pumping capacity
0–150 g/min
Atomisation energy
105 W
Paint application
5 m² in 6 min
Tank volume 800 ml
Machine weight 4.9 kg
Hose length 3.4 mg
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